Top 20 Books For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Looking to become an entrepreneur? Here are the books that will help you achieve your goals

It is a great thing you want to take the matter into your hands. Everybody with this type of desire should be encouraged to follow their dreams and ideas. Even if the plan looks great in your head, though, doing some extra research will not harm you. The best way to do this is to learn from the greatest. People who managed to jump every pit whole and climb any mountain in their way for success and now want to share their experience and wisdom through the books they’ve written. It is the best way to gather the knowledge you need in order to make your own success story.

Since I believe in you, and want you to succeed, I’ve pulled off a list with the best books on how to become a great entrepreneur. With their help, your journey towards achieving your goals will not be that rough, thanks to the courtesy of the ones who already been there. To understand better the role of these books in your training, there is also a separation of them into different types of categories, each having a certain purpose. It is up to you to start exploring them.

Start-up books

Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, by Robert Kiyosaki
Reality Check”, by Robert Kiyosaki

First and above all, you must have a proper introduction into this world. Books like these will offer you a perspective look over the things you are about to start, with its goods and bads. You must acknowledge and be prepared for what is about to come if you want to outcome all challenges. If these books give you a shiver, then you will have to think twice about opting for entrepreneurship, as it may be not the greatest choice for you.

The essential books

How to Win Friends & Influence People” by Dale Carnegie
Think and Grow Rich”, by Napoleon Hill
The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, by Stephen Covey
Mastery : Learn About Growing an Online Business From The Comfort of Your Home”, Robert Greene’s – a must read

The group of books mentioned above is the equivalent of recipe books needed to start cooking. They will tell you what the best qualities a great entrepreneur must have are. Learn how to discipline yourself and organize your strategy in order to win in every aspect you are set to do. They are great for self-development into the professional area and also get you prepared to be strong enough when problems strike.

The bread and butter of your business

Now that you have been initiated into this field, you need furthermore the tools to build your own business. The following books will offer you the pieces of advice you need to have a successful start. So keep calm and sit down, there a lot of work ahead of you.

Personal MBA”, by Josh Kaufman

At the beginning of any business, you will have to cover for all positions, from CEO to HR specialist, you must be prepared. This book will teach you these essential notions and help you be well prepared in this field.

The Lean Start-up”, by Eric Reis

In order to survive in today’s business world, you need to be creative and innovative, and so does your business. This book will provide you all the knowledge you need to start the greatest business ever, as the author is one of the pioneers that reached success.

The 4 Hour Work Week”, Tim Ferriss

Having a business of your own does not mean you will have the whole time to enjoy and be satisfied with your results. In order to get there, there are a couple of things you need to take care off. The book will show you what to do.

The Ascent of Money”, by Niall Ferguson

Of course, the most important resource for a successful business is money. You need to learn about their value and how to make them in order to succeed.

The Dip”, by Seth Godin

It is hard not to get to emotional when it is about your creation, especially when things tend to do badly. But keeping your cold blood will help you take the best decisions when facing issues, thus saving the situation.

ReWork”, by the Founders of 37Signals

Now it is time to flip over and put aside everything you learned until now. It is an art to know when to break the traditional rules and twitch them to help you out in building your success story.

Made to Stick”, by Chip and Dan Heath

This book is a great way to have fun and still learn some interesting facts. The humorous writing style of the author will put you in a good mood, but still male you ponder about certain things.

Reaching towards the peak

You have learned the basics, read all the great advice and success stories of some of the best entrepreneurs that are out there. Now it is your time to show your strength. With the following books at your side, dare to dream big.

Good To Great”, by Jim Collins

It is a traditional book for most business schools, because it holds the best information that will help any entrepreneur to reach his target.

The Millionaire Fastlane”, by MJ Demarco

A book, that will help you redirect the rules of the house in your own favor, turning them into veritable tools in your way for success.

The Thank You Economy”, Gary Vaynerchuk

In order to have a great business, you have to keep your customers satisfied. Take this book to learn the best way to do that and how to increase this satisfaction for attracting new potential customers.

Worth Every Penny”, By Sarah Petty and Erin Verbeck

It is about how to establish the right price for your value. To aim to have the same price as the great companies is a wrong way of doing things. Getting the right price instead will ensure a good place for your business.

Outliers”, Malcolm Gladwell

Besides the author’s crazy hairdo, this book explains the reason why some entrepreneurs end up having more success than others. I assume this topic will interest you most.

Stories to feed your inspiration

Learn how to become great from the people who started just like you, and now they are up high. Use their remarkable stories to get inspired and then start building your own.

Founders at Work”, by Jessica Livingston

It is a great informational oasis as it gathers interviews from the founders of the greatest brands of our times, like Apple or PayPal. I bet you want to learn their secrets, even if their stories do not have a pink background all the time.

Losing My Virginity”, Sir Richard Branson

The greatest story ever, about losing repeatedly into the unforgiving business world, before finally finding the best path toward the ultimate success. The man who was right in the middle of the tornado is the author of this masterpiece. An experience you need to find out about.


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