traffic victory review

Traffic Victory Review

Traffic Victory Review

Traffic Victory Review – Can You Really Build A Free Traffic Machine That Brings In $100-$200+/Day In Passive Affiliate Commissions? Read This Review Is From Someone Who Actually DID Review The Training!


I have been looking forward to doing this Traffic Victory Review for a while. Why? Because it’s actually my first review on this website and it’s 100% based on the methods taught in this training!

First of all, Marc has a very genuine style that you just can’t help but like! He clearly knows what he’s talking about as he has been using this method to bring in up to $200-$300/day in passive affiliate income for almost 3 years. Mainly with his review website


Traffic Victory Review
Traffic Victory Review


The Traffic Victory training teaches you, in a VERY detailed way, how to properly set up your website for success. It shows you how to find products & software that you can review. It also shows you exactly how to write them and constantly rank top 5 on search engines like Google.

What I like most about this method is that you can generate passive affiliate income using totally free traffic. WITHOUT needing to ever launch a single product. You don’t have to get in front of the camera or make any videos.

All you do is simply write product reviews with your affiliate link at the bottom. And then you rank them using the Traffic Victory SEO techniques.


Traffic Victory Review
Traffic Victory Review


There’s a total of 5 modules (I could only fit 1 in the screenshot!). And the total amount of videos are 25, and on average I’d say each video is around 25 minutes long. So it’s definitely a lot of great and detailed content.


Once you have set up your online property (website) using Marc’s methods, you really have a business ready. A business that can potentially generate you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions for years to come.

All by just spending a few hours going through a product and writing a review!

Like many courses these days, Traffic Victory is based on getting affiliate sales from Jvzoo and W+. Simply because those are the easiest kind of sales that you can get.


Traffic Victory Review
Traffic Victory Review


The best part?

– Since it’s affiliate marketing, no customer support.

– As it’s passive traffic, set and forget it

– Only some initial setup work per site (set up as many as you like)


Everything is based on Marc’s own business and he has replicated the process many times in different niches.

If you do a little thinking out the box, you really could use the Traffic Victory method to promote any kind of affiliate offers. You could even use it to promote physical (ecommerce) products.

So… it works super-well both inside and outside IM niche (I know many of you really like that).


Traffic Victory Review
Traffic Victory Review


My final thoughts before I finish my Traffic Victory Review!

This is a really solid training delivered in an easy to follow manner. And in my opinion, this is THE easiest way to get started without any experience and build your very own passive affiliate income.


Can you really build a sustainable business with this? YES!

Does Traffic Victory work in any niche? YES!

Can this method bring in consistent, targeted and free traffic? YES


I have personally applied everything taught in the Traffic Victory training when building this website. I certainly learned A LOT of things that I would never have figured out by myself.

This course is jam-packed with hours of valuable content! If you follow along and apply what he teaches, you could definitely set up your free traffic machine for affiliate marketing offers within 24-48 hours.

Furthermore, if you take action with this method, you have the potential to start making commissions fairly quickly as well.


Finally, what about upsells?

OTO1 of Traffic Victory is a Case Studies Bundle. It’s showing you over-the-shoulder some of their best results following the Traffic Victory method.

OTO2 of Traffic Victory is a DFY pack that contains 90 best, proven niches. Done-For-You keyword research. A giant repository of royalty-free images & 15 high-quality bonuses you can give away to boost your affiliate conversions.

OTO3 of Traffic Victory is RESELLER RIGHTS that allows you to get 100% commissions for the entire Traffic Victory funnel.


Summary & Final Score:
This is by far the best course I’ve been going through this year. If you take action on this, and actually implement what he is teaching, you can very realistically create a consistent $2-3k/mo passive income for years to come. I cannot recommend this course enough.




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